new year

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If there’s anything that sounds crazy, fun, and like a recipe for a good time to many of my preschoolers, it would be drinking 10 bottles of soda in one sitting. If you’ve been looking for a preschool New Years song (is anyone really looking for that?), look no further.

Ten Little Bottles of Pop

Ten Bottles of Pop is the preschool version of 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall (or Coke, or however you learned it). It is so many good things wrapped up into one song— repetition, counting, and silliness.

Wendy Wiseman made a great version of this song. I wasn’t able to find out much about her as an artist, but she is quite prolific as you can see from her albums on Amazon.

I’m pretty sure your kids will love this song as much as mine do! I’ll leave it up to you whether you actually let them ring in the new year with 10 bottles of soda!

Find Ten Little Bottles of Pop on
Amazon (stream it for free with a Prime Membership)
or on itunes (under the name Kidzup Productions).


This is the LAST official post as part of the Handpicked Song Recommendations for Preschoolers. What a treat it’s been to share some of my favorites with you each week. I hope they’ve been helpful or fun in some way for you and your kids.

I’ll be taking a break from the series, but will hopefully be back in 2015 with some new resources.

Happy New Year!