image from society6

image from society6

A few years ago, my husband and I recorded a cover of one of our favorite songs as a gift to our families for Christmas. We pulled out our mics, Logic Pro, a ukulele, and a glockenspiel and transformed our home office into a recording studio.

It’s a cradle song about a baby and a mother {the really famous baby and mother that you’re probably thinking of}. As I prepared to do another recommendation this week, I thought of this song and felt like I’d rather gift you with this piece then send another preschool recommendation along.

I’m really thankful for those of you who have been following along for the past year.

—for the teachers, musicians, parents, and grandparents reading weekly. Whatever your relationship to kids or whatever hat you find yourself wearing today, I wish you a moment of peace and reflection in this season.

If you’d like to download my version of A Cradle in Bethlehem, you can download it here for free. (A quick note about the download: the program I used to host the download requires your email and then offers an additional spot for your credit card. If you’d like to tip, you’re welcome to use that spot. Otherwise, just skip the blank and head to the download).

And, if you love the song, check out these other gorgeous versions of this song:

Sleeping at Last
He gives away his whole gorgeous album on Noisetrade for free (tip him if you love it!).

Sara Groves
And her whole album is a steal to download—$6.99 on Amazon!

Tune in next week for our final installment of the Handpicked Songs for Preschoolers series!