Image from Society 6

Image from Society 6

Spiders are everywhere in the fall. Some small, and some terrifyingly large (really, I saw one the other day that I thought could probably kill me!).

So, today, here is a simple spider song that my kids love.

Spider John

Caspar Babypants has created this super-fun song about a spider named Spider John. I find there are several great ways to engage my students in this song.

Spider John lists off a variety of colors throughout the song. My kids listen and try to find someone wearing the color being mentioned.
There is a section that repeats throughout that is perfect for clapping along. It’s a repetitive rhythm. So, listen for it and see if you and your kids can clap with it.
The words “spider john” are repeated many times through the song. I encourage my kids to sing along every time they happen.
The music is just fun to dance to. And, there is a section halfway through where Spider John jumps, spins, moves like a robot, and runs. I ask my kids to do whatever Spider John is doing during that section.

It is on his album, “Sing Along”. Find the song on Amazon or itunes!

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