If you ever take your kids in the car, raise your hand. Today’s song is a car song for preschoolers…and you can read that anyway you’d like. I think it’s great for singing in the car, but it’s also just as fun for singing about cars when you’re not in them. The title is a no brainer:

Car Song

Woody Guthrie made this song famous (I’m not sure if it was a traditional song first, but he really gets the credit for it as far as I can see). It is so easy to pick up on that you’ll be singing along on your first listen. Car Song also one of those songs with very customizable lyrics. Can’t remember a verse? Need the song to last a little longer? Just make one up!

You might find this song under a couple names:

Riding in My Car – Look for the awesome book that goes with the song on Amazon.
Car, Car – I love Terri Hendrix’s version of the song under this title.

It’s available on Amazon, itunes, Spotify, and probably a ton of other places on the internet. Go find it and give it a listen!

Car Image Above from Society 6