I’ve already given it away in the title! This week I’m recommending that you take the time to do the limbo. Really.

Limbo Rock

This version of the limbo is so great with preschoolers. And, there are so many things to learn from doing the Limbo. It’s not just fun. Walking under a stick takes coordination. You may have forgotten that. But ask a three year old to walk under a stick and you will see how much concentration and coordination it takes to NOT hit your head. If you do this with a group, you have to take turns. It is so hard to wait because it’s so fun to walk under the stick! It’s a great lesson in waiting and letting other people have turns.

Along the way, while your kids are learning those essential life skills, you’ll also be having a blast and being thoroughly entertained. I’d almost be willing to put money on it. Think: three year old trying to walk under a stick that keeps getting lower. It’s a great mental picture.

I recommend Limbo Rock as performed by the Party Cats on their album Kids Dance Party 2. You can find it on Amazon.

Or head to Youtube and find your own version. Get limbo-ing and have fun!

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