Image from Society 6

Image from Society 6

I’ve been buried in an intensive music education course for the last two weeks. Folk songs, kids songs, do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti, and so much more! I’m coming up for air and want to share a delightful little song with with you today. My four and five year olds love this, so it meets the major criteria for this blog series (that it MUST be fun for preschoolers!). But, this is really one of those kids songs that is great for all ages.

If You Got 1

Are you all sick of my Justin Roberts recommendations yet? Well, he’s done it again with this song, so I couldn’t help but recommend it. (I’ll probably only recommend him a couple more times this year).

If You Got 1 a simple counting song that gets you moving your hands and your bodies. You’ll probably need to teach your kids to twiddle their thumbs (one of the motions to the song). I find that even kids that can’t twiddle yet find this fun. It’s a great chance to work on some fine motor skills. And, it moves really quickly through the motions which always seems to be fun for preschoolers.


It’s on his album Great Big Sun. Find If You Got 1 song on Amazon or itunes!

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Have a great, great week! And sing with your kiddos. Really!