Alright. First things first:

I’m excited to announce Shevawn as the winner of the Hush Little Dragon giveaway. She’ll be receiving a copy of this lovely book!

And, on to the song recommendation:

We all need a little more sun—at any time of the year—but especially right now! So, today, I’m recommending a song for preschoolers to bring the sunshine in.

There is no shortage of excellent Beatles covers in the world.
I’m a fan of All Together Now, a compilation of covers “for kids of all ages”.

Good Day Sunshine

brings a touch of fresh energy to this classic Beatles song. This version is created by The Bangles (though, on the MP3 download, it’s listed under Little Monsters).

While I definitely recommend this version, I also understand if you prefer the original. It’s your choice today.

But, either way—go turn on these songs and bring a little sun inside!

Find this version of Good Day Sunshine on Amazon.
Or pick up the Beatles original version on Amazon or itunes.

We’re in week 7 of Handpicked: Weekly Song Recommendations for Preschoolers and their Adults.
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Do you know other great Beatles covers (or originals!) that kids might enjoy? Share them in the comments below!