I’ve said this before, but it’s not hard to convince me to square dance. And, I love the simplified versions of square dancing that I can do with my preschoolers. A preschool square dance is rarely complicated, but always collaborative. There is a lot of value in learning to move in a coordinated fashion with someone else.

Today’s preschool square dance takes square dancing down to its essentials.

Swing Your Partner

Jim Gill has created a simple, but oh-so-fun square dancing tune called Swing Your Partner that my kids can’t get enough of. It actually says the words “kindergartener” and “preschooler” in the middle, which excites my students to know the artist is referring to them! If your kids can’t swing in the traditional square dancing fashion (locking elbows while facing each other), it’s fine to just grab hands and spin.

It’s on his album Moving Rhymes for Modern Times and you can hear the song in it’s entirety here for free.

Go find this song and have yourself a little square dance!

Happy November!