I don’t spend a lot of time giving themes to my music lessons, but sometimes it is just so fun to do several songs on a theme. Today, I’m sharing a food song for preschoolers AND next week I’ll do the same. So, whether you’re specifically looking for a food song for preschoolers, or just here to get another great recommendation, get ready for two weeks of food songs!


food song for preschoolers

Image from Society 6

This playful song uses the tune to the classic French song, “Alouette.” I think it might have been a boy scout or camp song originally, but like many camp songs, it’s repetitive and GREAT for preschoolers.

The simple and often-repeated chorus says:
Ravioli, I like Ravioli,
Ravioli, it’s the food for me.

Then, the leader asks where the ravioli is:
call: Do I have it on my chin?
response: Yes you have it on your chin?

And so on. Pick any body part or piece of clothing and watch the giggles start to come!

Here is a version to listen to on youtube:

I don’t have another version that I love. So I recommend that you learn the song and then ditch the recordings in favor of your own singing.

Stay tuned for another food-themed Handpicked Song Recommendation next week!