In my five years teaching preschool music, I’ve listened to a lot of children’s music. Each school year, in an attempt to keep myself sane, I check out stacks and stacks of CDs from the library, scouring them for the perfect songs for preschoolers. My students love singing the same songs over and over again, but there are only so many times I can sing the Hokey-Pokey without needing to have some variety.

The preschool years are foundational years for instilling a love for music in children.

Singing and moving with music not only provide some immediate entertainment for you and your child, but they also lay the framework for your child’s musical development as he or she gets older.

I’d like to help equip you to have better musical experiences with your child.

In 2014, I will be recommending songs for preschoolers, one every week (starting January 5) to give you a steady influx of fresh music.
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Some things you should know:

1. These are children’s songs.

These are songs written for children and performed with them in mind. (I’ve tried to pick songs that adults might not find too annoying, however!) I believe it is also incredibly valuable that your children listen to a variety of music, including some that isn’t just for kids. But, for this series, I’m specifically recommending quality children’s music.

2. You might not like all my recommendations.

If a song or artist doesn’t do it for you, feel free to ignore my recommendation! It’s important that you enjoy the music you’re listening to.

3. Book Recommendations

On the first week of the month, I’ll include a special bonus: a music-related book recommendation. These will be a great complement to the weekly song recommendations.

If your child has been or is currently in one my classes, there is a high probability that he or she will know many of these songs and have read some of the books. This will be a great chance for you to share in some of the fun we have in class.

If you’re new to my teaching, welcome! It’s going to be a great year of new music for you! For Seattle residents, you may want to check out Tiny Tones Music, my preschool pre-piano group course.

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For now, get ready to ring in the new year with some delightful new music! Happy New Year!

UPDATE: The series is in full swing!

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