fruit song for kids

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Tuesday is the first day of fall! If you’re like me, you’ll be eating a few more apples since they are so delicious in the fall. Today’s Handpicked Song Recommendation is a super simple song about apples that you can use in many ways!

Apples and Bananas

This simple fruit song for kids has been around for a long time. I tried to find out some history about it, but couldn’t find any clear origins. If you sang this as a child, comment below and tell us where you learned it!

Apples and Bananas has only a few simple lyrics which makes it perfect for preschoolers. If you have young kids, you can just sing the straightforward first verse. (Check out the sheet music and melody here).

The song traditionally changes the vowel sounds with each repetition. So, if you and your kids are up to the task, try getting silly and changing the vowels. It’s easiest to teach and learn that concept using one of the many recorded versions available.

Two great versions for singing along:

Ladybug Music – Green Collection

Find it on Amazon or just play it from Spotify above!

Susie Tallman – Children’s Songs

Find it here on Amazon or play it on Spotify above.

One more fun version

There are so many great traditional versions, but I also love an R&B remix by Lady Lux. It’s just fun and a great way to mix up your music listening!

It’s tricky to find, but I found it here on Grooveshark.

Share your experience with Apples and Bananas below I’d love to hear where you learned the song! Happy Fall, everyone!