What a beautiful, beautiful day and a beautiful, beautiful thing to celebrate—mothers!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mom-readers out there.

I hope today is full of so much love and that you feel celebrated and honored.

In honor of the occasion, I’m recommending a Mothers Day song. It’s still totally suitable for your baby or preschooler. In fact, I hope you’ll get to use it for some nighttime cuddling or lullabying (is that a word??).

Morning will be on the other side

This a touching lullaby that eloquently blends encouragement to sleep with lifelong blessing for freedom and adventure. The words and wishes are lovely and then there is at least a full minute of sleepy music at the end designed to whisk your child (and maybe you!) off to the land of sleep.


Sara Groves is a prolific singer-songwriter with a bent toward storytelling, and this song is off of her album Station Wagon: Songs for New Parents.

You can find “Morning Will be on the Other Side” on Amazon or itunes.

Enjoy this Mothers Day song and stay tuned for more great song recommendations for your preschoolers next week.

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