I love the first week of the month! I get to tell you about another one of my favorite songs AND recommend a music-related preschool book.
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We’re two months into this Handpicked series, which means we still have 10 more months to go. By my quick calculations, that’s at least 40 more songs and 9 more books.

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Now, on to the recommendations:

This week’s song is

Clap your hands

You might know a few other songs with that name, but today, I’m recommending a killer version by They Might Be Giants. It’s my favorite song on their album Here Come the ABCs.


It’s so simple and fun that I wish I’d made it up (just like Loud and Quiet, from Week 3). I’m secretly (or not secretly now) hoping to have a stroke of genius where I create a brilliantly simple, but thoroughly addictive children’s song.

Clapping, stomping, and jumping. That’s all you need to be able to do to enjoy Clap Your Hands. Perfect for preschoolers!

Find Clap your Hands on Amazon or on itunes.

And, today’s book recommendation,

The Seals on the Bus

You guessed it… this is a twist on the classic The Wheels on the Bus. Now, while I don’t always go crazy for word plays, I think this one is pretty clever. The bus travels around the town, picking up animals and people (starting with the seals, of course), and arriving at a huge party at the end.

seals bus 1

It’s fresh and clever, while also being easy-to-pick-up-on. Most kids know The Wheels on the Bus so it’s no big deal for them to change the words a bit and try this version.


Encourage your child to sing along with you. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again,

there is no substitute for singing to and with your child.

Even if you think you can’t sing. Really.

So, go find this on Amazon or at your local library and start singing!

Happy reading, listening, AND singing! (I’m serious about the singing!)