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image from society6

Today’s song is purely fun— just a silly song for preschoolers. It’s catchy, easy on the ears, and you’ll probably find yourself humming along before long.

Henrietta’s Hair

This delightful recommendation comes to you from Justin Roberts. Now, I know I’ve recommended his songs before (here and here…oh and here too), but I just can’t get enough!

With my older preschoolers, I have them create artistic representations of what might be in Henrietta’s hair (you’ll have to listen to the song to understand that one). It’s a fun way to get their creative juices flowing and a chance to combine music with another type of art.

I think it’s also the perfect song for staring out the window of a car or lounging around on a lazy indoor kind of day. There is so much wiggle room for the imagination.

You can find Henrietta’s Hair on Justin Roberts’ album, Pop Fly. You might just want to buy the whole album. Or find the song on Amazon or itunes.


And, just to get you hooked, here is it on Youtube:

Thanks for reading along with the Handpicked series. I love sharing music with you. Stay in touch and share your thoughts and ideas below!
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