Here in Seattle, we just finished the school year on Thursday. So it’s officially summer. You midwesterners have been enjoying summer for a quite a while now. If you’re like me, I always feel a little giddy at the end of the school year (whether or not much actually changes for me!). It’s something I’ve never grown out of.

So, today in honor of the giddy freedom that comes with the first few days of summer vacation, I’m sharing a super fun summer song for preschoolers.

Down by the Sea

Red Grammer is children’s musician with lots for you to explore. Today’s recommendation is off of his album Down the Do, Re, Mi. There are lots of great songs on this album, but Down by the Sea is my favorite.

Down The Do-Re-Mi Album Cover

This song takes the listener through a delightful day at the beach doing everything from looking for shells to feeding seagulls. When I use this with preschoolers, we add motions to each verse. Make up your own motions or just sing along. The verses are compounding, so by the end, you’ve got a long string of motions and words. It’s pretty fun and always a crowd-pleaser.

You can find Down by the Sea on Amazon or itunes.

This summer song for preschoolers is part of a series of recommendations—Handpicked Songs for Preschoolers.

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